3 Proven Ways to Increase Twitter Engagement

It’s become a cliche, but having a good social media presence is essential for your brand. Whether you’re trying to attract new users, communicate with current ones, or simply use it as a way to keep everyone updated, social media plays a pivotal role in creating and maintaining brand awareness.

Twitter is one of the best places for that, too. However, as I’m sure every social media marketer knows, expanding your reach on Twitter is tough, and increasing engagement is almost impossible.

In this post I’ll discuss 3 sure fired way to increase your Twitter’s engagement rate. With a better engagement rate, your brand will be one step closer to world domination (just kidding, but your reach will definitely have increased).


Polls are without a doubt one of the easiest ways to get your followers participating. After all, it only takes a click! W hen we held the poll, we saw an increase in engagement. Depending upon the types of questions you ask, you can potentially gain valuable insights into what motivates your followers.

Contact people that participate and have them work for you

This is one of the easiest ways to get your brand’s name out there, but one that is too often forgotten. It’s also one of the easiest ones too (thankfully)!

Go through your followers using a tool like Social Rank to find one of your power users, and get in contact with him or her. Once you contact them follow these 3 easy steps. First, tell them that you really appreciate them following you. Second, ask them why they follow you, and last ask if they have a blog.

If they have a blog, ask if they could write a post about your brand. And, because they’re following you already, they’re likely to say yes. If they don’t have a blog, ask them to simply mention your brand name in a tweet. Voila, you’ve helped double your impressions rate by simply asking (remember, there’s no such thing a stupid question!).

Twitter giveaways

 are a great way to increase engagement, and more importantly get new followers. I mean, who doesn’t want free stuff. And, depending upon your budget, you can promote the tweet to make guarantee thousands of eyes see it. Here is just one example of how much 1 $25 gift card giveaway increased one of our brand’s Twitter presence:

Whether your brand is as big as Apple, or is still an idea hatched in some garage, these 3 easy steps to will help any marketer increase their brand’s social media presence. Have you tried these, or do you use other ways to increase brand awareness? Let us know in the comments below!

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